Following the restriction easing on 19th July, we have reviewed our covid security policy and made some changes to help the smooth running of all activities undertaken by our business.

We are looking forward to returning as far as possible to normal and to avoid inefficient practices, while at the same time minimising risks to our team, clients and those with whom we come into contact with.

Our office is now open to visitors without the use of facemasks, but we do ask that personal space is respected and every effort is made to keep 2 metres from the team

While face masks are no longer mandatory on viewings, we understand that some occupants may be more comfortable if any visitors do continue to adhere to the previous guidance for the time being.  We will respect their wishes and where this is the case, ask viewers to comply.  DC Lane will reserve the right to refuse viewings where this cannot be achieved.

Further details can be found on our covid page 

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