Welcome to the DC Diary #2

Hi there everyone, this is Dan and I’m the DC in DC Lane.

One of the reasons why I absolutely love what I do running our business is because no two days are the same in estate agency … throughout my whole career lots of fun, fascinating and sometimes crazy things have happened  so I thought it might be interesting to share some of these experiences with you on a regular basis

One consequence of success is a growing client base and hence demand on our time. To ensure everyone gets the amazing service they deserve, I have been busy recruiting to increase the size of our team, and this week we welcomed a new member to the fold. On Monday morning at 9am we were all waiting on high alert – will our new guy arrive and how will it go?  Thankfully all was well. He came back on Tuesday too and a week on, the new team is running like a well-oiled machine – but that few moments of anticipation on Monday brings back memories of some unusual first day events over the years

There was the time when I ran London offices & the new starter sat at his shiny desk, turning bright red, with shaking knees & after a few moments we asked if he as ok, to find out that the office energy was ‘wrong’ and could he leave now please? … Another situation I recall where our new chap coming over from a very well established (nameless!) London agent didn’t arrive, but called just after 10am to explain he had hired a car the day before but it had broken down just a few miles away – he continued to update us throughout the day but he spectacularly failed to arrive at all. There have been other times where new starts simply never turn up at all… You literally never know how that first day will unfold!

Recruiting the right people is key to being a great agent, as after all, we are a sum of our team, and it can be one of the hardest elements to get right with just 2 interviews and a CV to go on.

So as we welcome our new superstar, let’s all wish him a long a and successful career with DC Lane – when you next give us a call see if you can work out who the new team member is!

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