First impressions really matter, especially when someone has 20 minutes to make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives, so we have put together some tips on how you can make the most of this opportunity when marketing your property in Plymouth.

Home staging really does work. Trust us, time spent here will help deliver a quicker sale and most importantly, ensure you achieve the best price possible!


You are selling someone their dream house, let them see it as theirs.

The personal nick-nacks and photographs that have your stamp all over the house can deter the new owner from visualising themselves there. Too much stuff – whether it’s the grandchildren’s paintings on the fridge or the amount of shampoo bottles around the bath – can prevent buyers seeing the property itself, and can even make them feel as if they are intruding.


A mess free house is also easier to clean before a viewing, and cleanliness can really help if you have your property for sale in Plymouth, as can smells: avoid cooking anything too aromatic the night before a viewing. People feel much more at ease with fresh smells, every sense should enjoy the experience of the viewing. The buyer leaving with an overall pleasant experience, will make them far more likely to want to live in your house.

And as much as we all love dogs, be mindful that some viewers may not have them and can be more sensitive to doggy smells. Cleaning the carpets can help alleviate any lingering smells, as can opening windows for a viewing, and nice, but not over-powering, air fresheners.


All those little jobs that you haven’t done yet, and now have stopped seeing? This is the first time a potential buyer will see them, so they will be noticed and will add up to lots of “work” for them, and in turn a low, or no, offer for you. So gloss the chips in the skirting board, re-grout the tiles and fix down the squeaky floorboard.


Cut the grass, and any other pruning that is needed, for the photographs and for the viewings, untidy gardens can appear overwhelming, especially to those less green-fingered house hunters, whereas nicely trimmed and manicured lawns create ideas of garden parties and children playing. Even if it just a patio, powerwashing will make it appear brighter, even better, a lick of paint and a nice bench – bringing again those pop of colour in the form of potted plants. An out door mirror can create the illusion of light and space. Make an area, however small, look appealing. A bistro table set with wine glasses really paints the picture of the new life you are selling to your buyers.


As much as you should de-personalise your house, some brightly coloured accessories for the marketing photographs can really make a difference to the level of interest you get in the sale of your Plymouth property. With the increased use of smartphones, people have a very small photo to entice them to click on the full add, and are more likely to have their eye drawn to bright colours, be it a feature wall or a blue sky, or even just the brightly coloured bouquet on the kitchen side.

These tips and tricks will help to encourage the perfect buyer to view your property in Plymouth and the swift sale of your property, leaving you to move forward with your search for property for sale. With our wealth of experience, our team are on hand to assist you with dressing techniques used by professional estate agents like us, in Plymouth and across the nation.

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