If you are a first-time buyer starting to search for a property to buy in Plymouth, then this blog is for you. We have packed it with helpful tips to make your search for properties to buy, as smooth as possible.

Things are finally starting to feel a little more normal again, well… as normal as possible for the current situation! Many people can now carry on with their house moving arrangements, and the property market is back in the flow. We have had numerous enquiries lately from people looking to list their property with us in Plymouth, and we are really looking forward to matching you with the perfect house to buy.

The impact of the coronavirus has had a varied effect on the property market and estate agents in Plymouth. We have had a whole variety of properties for sale coming onto the market with DC Lane, along with an entirely new list of considerations and safety measures we have implemented to protect our team, our homeowners and our clients viewing houses.

So now all the excitement of buying a property is back up and running, what do you need to consider when you’re looking out for houses to buy and property to buy in Plymouth?


Your first step is to look at your finances. Mortgage companies owe a duty of care to borrowers, to ensure the payments will not leave you unable to afford your basic needs or unable to afford your mortgage payments. If you are not sure where to start, contact us and we can recommend a great financial advisor who will assist you in that exciting first step. This will give you an idea of which properties are suited to your budget and cover some of the common queries you may have about financing your mortgage.

We recommend getting your finances in order before you start searching for your property and getting an ‘Agreement in principle’. This is a written agreement from a mortgage lender giving you an indication or estimate of how much money you will qualify to borrow. It enables estate agents to know your offers and enquiries are financially qualified. Not securing this prior to putting in an offer could mean that another buyer is able to make a similar offer but complete the purchase much quicker, and this could foil your chance of securing the property.

The Property;

Thing’s to consider about the property itself;

Will you be able to fit your existing furniture through the door, or might you need to remove a window to get your sofa into your new lounge?
What areas of your property will the sunshine through throughout the day?
Which internet providers supply to your area and will you have to pay to move properties?
What fittings will the purchase come with? Some properties for sale may include special light fittings, appliances and sometimes even curtains!
Do you have loft access?
Does your purchase include the freehold to the property?

Other Considerations;

Additional things to consider when you are viewing a property and for after the sale;

Home insurance

Gather some quotes on your new home so you have an idea of your ongoing costs. When you own a property it is a good idea to look into property insurance and contents insurance. Some provider can do these at a deal and unlike phone insurance, which protects you against the loss of your few hundred pounds worth of technology, property insurance protects you for major household emergencies and most mortgage companies insist you have property insurance however you don’t have to buy this directly through them – shop around!

Council tax

When you are viewing a property, consider the council tax band for your future monthly outgoings. You are liable for paying council tax on your property unless; all occupants are registered as students, you are receiving some benefits such as universal credit, or for rental occupants – it is included in your rent. You may qualify for a reduction in council tax if you are a sole occupant or are solely responsible as the only working adult.


How close to the property are the amenities you love or use the most? Plymouth boasts multiple gym’s, swimming facilities and libraries, consider how you may be able to utilise these for your enjoyment. Find out where your nearest shop is for top up supplies between each big shopping trip and whether it will be in your budget when you need to pop there for your milk.

Room to expand

Are you likely to need room to expand? Whether your family is growing in members or you begin working from home, you may decide you need some extra space. If this is something that may potentially be in your future plans, when you view our properties to buy feel free to chat to us about property development ideas.


Most state schools are oversubscribed and catchment areas now only play a small part in whether your children receive a place at your desired schools. Try viewing a few of the local schools and enquire about availability.

Work route

What does your work route look like? Will you be driving in rush hour? It is always beneficial to work out an alternative route home if the traffic on your usual route is particularly bad.

Parking facilities

Consider the parking opportunities close to your home. Will you be able to carry your shopping from your space or maybe you will benefit from a property with and attached garage space. These choices will make a difference to your day to day lives and also to your car insurance!

Estate agents

Of course, you can’t forget about the estate agent themselves! There are a handful of estate agents in Plymouth to choose from, so when you are considering buying a property make sure you get to know your estate agent so you feel confident with your relationship and every step of your purchase. We have fantastic reviews from all of our clients and maintain a helpful, there to please attitude for all of our clients looking for houses to buy in Plymouth.

Remember these are just a few of the things to think about when you are viewing properties for sale in Plymouth, but working with us at DC Lane we will help you cover as many of these as is relevant. Our long standing experience in the field means we have helped hundreds of individuals, couples and families to find perfect homes all over the UK.

Start your property buying or property selling journey with us, call 01752 874242

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