You’ve secured a buy to let property and now you want to prepare for tenants, but what are your legal responsibilities and what makes you a ‘great landlord’?

Taking those first steps to becoming a landlord for the first time can be challenging and it can be easy to feel concerned that you may have missed something or be unaware of an important obligation. Whether it is finding the right property to buy in Plymouth to let out, or finding a letting agent that you can trust, it may feel like having a lot of experience is a major advantage.

Finding the right property and knowing what makes a good buy to let property in Plymouth is helped by knowing what is in high demand. Asking estate agents and lettings agents in Plymouth what the most sought after properties are and whether investing in a house or a flat to rent out in Plymouth is the best choice for you. Use the experience of lettings agents such as ourselves at DC Lane, to give you an advantage.

The key challenge facing any landlord, is the need to find the right tenant. Finding tenants who will respect the property, communicate well and respond positively to the contracts and arrangements that need to be agreed at the beginning and at the end of a tenancy.

One of the most important things that need to be set in place right at the beginning of letting out your new flat or house in Plymouth, is to set expectations early. It can be easy to feel like you don’t want to seem overly official or detailed in your contracts to help build a relationship with your tenant, but in truth, the more detail you can put in your contracts and agreements, the less room there is for any issues or disputes throughout the tenancy. Many tenants have had bad experiences of landlords and most tenants will be glad of the security that a detailed set of agreements brings.

However, this brings the intimidating task of getting detailed agreements and contracts written up and prepared! How do you know that you didn’t miss something important? What if you realise something later that you wish you had included, but the agreements are already signed? This is where getting into contact with our team will enable us to ensure you are fully prepared. As one of the top estate agents in Plymouth and top lettings agents in Plymouth, we know all the best tips and landlord’s secrets to give you a smooth start to your buy to let experience.

Key protections and legal responsibilities you may need to consider as a landlord in Plymouth are:

• Landlord Registration

• Repairs and Maintenance

• Electric, Appliance and Gas Safety Checks and Certificates

• Homes with Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licences

• Protecting your tenants’ deposit

• Energy Performance Certificate

• Fire Safety Checks

• Right to Rent Checks

• Insurance

• Inventories

While this list can feel overwhelming, any trusted estate agents or lettings agents in Plymouth will be able to help and in many cases take over the management of these responsibilities. DC Lane is a highly trusted lettings agents in Plymouth and our team is always ready for you to contact them to help you through these seemly scary processes. With our guidance, we can make the whole buy to let experience much smoother for you.

It also helps to know what tenants want. Some of the top things that tenants have constantly listed in their wish list for their landlord are:

• Properties to be kept clean and comfortable

• Move-in ready

• Safe and secure properties

• Eco-friendly and economical homes

• Quality and clean kitchens and bathrooms

• Parking

• Technology connections

• The ability to make a property feel homely

While all of these things are strongly desired by tenants, the number one most desirable trait from a landlord is clear, concise, fair communication and treatment. This is why those initial agreements and expectations are so important.

Ultimately it is about getting the right help and information to give you peace of mind about each step you are taking. Reducing the stress and avoiding the challenges that you often hear about landlords facing. DC Lane is perfectly placed to take much of the stress off your shoulders and pave the way to a smooth, safe and positive first experience as a property landlord in Plymouth. Contact the DC Lane team today to get the journey started on 01752 874242.

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