step by step guide

buying or selling

Step by Step guide to the
sale process

Follow our step by step guide for assistance with your sale. Buying or selling a home, particularly for the first time – can be an exciting but daunting prospect, with unfamiliar processes and unexplained delays. Here’s our guide to help you through.

Step 1

Obtain an agreement in principle from your chosen financial provider

Step 2

House hunting – Fun!

Step 3

Offer – be ready for to provide AIP, Proof of deposit, and ID

Step 4

Choose a solicitor

Step 5

Agent sends memorandums of sale to all parties

Step 6

Buyer completes mortgage application paperwork

Step 7

Buyer chooses level of survey required

Step 8

Sellers solicitor sends draft contract

Step 9

Buyers solicitor applies for searches

Step 10

Buyers lender carries out mortgage valuation

Step 11

Buyers surveyor completes any ordered survey

Step 12

Buyers solicitor receives search information

Step 13

Buyers solicitor raises enquiries

Step 14

Sellers solicitor refers to client and responds to enquiries

Step 15

Buyers solicitor refers answers to client and raises any further enquiries

Step 16

Buyers solicitor reports to client

Step 17

Exchange and completion dates set

Step 18

Bother parties sign contracts

Step 19

Buyer pays deposit to Solicitor

Step 20

Buyer arranges removals

Step 21

Contracts exchange

Step 22

Mortgage funds are requested

Step 23

Sale completes as solicitors transfer funds

Step 24

Keys are released

Step 25

Champaign is opened

dc lane top tips

8 tips to a
smoother house sale


Complete your mortgage application as quickly as possible after the offer is accepted


Engage your solicitor immediately and complete their paperwork as a priority


Put moneys on account with your solicitor early so that searches are ordered quickly


Use DC Lanes ‘priority pack’ service to speed up search results


Decide whether you would like a survey and what type early in the process


Respond to your lawyers’ or finance providers questions within 24 hours where possible


Ensure any required funds are accessible without delay


Stay flexible - houses sales are complex and there may be many stakeholders with differing expectations throughout the sale

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